Audiences & Dancers Love Flamenco Dance in Richmond & Vancouver

Join the Vancouver and Richmond admirers and students of Beverley Mantovani and her Los Gitanos School of Spanish & Flamenco Dance. Audience members and dancers of all ages are inspired by Los Gitanos classes and performances at the Tsawwassen Arts Centre. Read their praise for Los Gitanos here.

Female dancer

Inspiring Stage Event in Tsawwassen


What an amazing event! I was clinging to the balcony the whole evening in almost uncontrollable excitement over the performance.

I was mesmerized by Jafelin’s voice and in awe of the amazing mix of your dancers and their talent and energy.

How you manage to control your body and feet the way you do is a miracle. Muscles rippling and body movements like I have never seen before!

The artist, Garrett, was truly an inspirational addition to the event. I was tapping and clapping all the way home.

Thank you so much for staging such an inspiring event in Tsawwassen. I look forward to more!


Audience Member

Female dancer 2

Praise from a Fellow Flamenco Instructor

Dear Bev,

I just wanted to congratulate you and all your students on a really enjoyable show on Sunday.

I particularly have to say that the younger girls were quite amazing. Their performances were true testimony to your strength as a teacher. I thought, also, that having the painter there added an interesting dimension to the show – it was fascinating to see the painting evolve. Visually and musically, it went way beyond what I usually see in the way of student performances.

I can't imagine the amount of work and dedication it took to mount the show, and I can't believe the number of pieces each dancer performed. You have built a very strong community and your passion and love showed through in everything.

All the best,

Flamenco Instructor, Vancouver

A Gift to Her Students

Dear Bev,

You give us so much! It was our pleasure to do our part to make the show a success. Your commitment, energy and spirit are truly infectious. What a privilege it is to know someone like you. You are rare gift to us all. Now, if I could figure out those flamenco steps!

I really enjoyed the party at your home last night and getting to know your lovely mother. I can see where your inspiration comes from! She is an amazing lady!

Love and big hugs back to you,

Student of Los Gitanos

Male dancer

Unforgettable & Moving Performance

Greetings Bev,

I don't believe I have ever written a fan letter in my life...I am grateful to learn that at my age there is still room for "firsts."

Saturday evening’s performance was without a doubt one of the most moving and spectacular events I have witnessed! The passion, strength and grace you and your company shared with myself and the rest of the audience was truly piercing.

While intense at times, the movements and the sounds were peppered with a kind of soft, flowing emotion!

Now please understand...a critic I am fact, I rarely take the opportunity to see a live performance of any so often I believe they would be lost on me and my understanding of them would be futile...however, I left the theatre last night feeling I wasn't finished with absorbing what I had just seen just because the lights came on and the dancers had left the stage....I walked away wanting to see, to learn and to experience more and as well as being acutely aware of the way in which my own body moved.

The movement...the fluidness of the women and gentleman on stage seemed to flow and ebb from within yet be purposeful and driven all at one time!!

I am so grateful to Catherine M. for including me this year as previous years I haven't been able to attend.

The performance was a gift for every sense of my being, and I thank you and all for enabling me to share in an evening I shall never forget...

All the very best,

Audience Member

Power & Passion of Proud Women Dancers


I have to confess that I was kind of embarrassed to do this at first, but as usual you pushed me because you had faith in me and it really felt GOOD. I dedicated the entire dance to my grandma, who was the one who got me into Spanish dancing when I was 3 years old and LOVED watching our shows, buying our costumes, putting our makeup on, driving us to lessons – today would have been her birthday and I am sure she is smiling a huge smile today because she was probably really happy to see me pursue this again. Due to circumstances, I was forced to stop dancing when I was 11, and that was one of the saddest days I remember having. I had a huge hole in my heart for years – I really wasn’t aware of it until you “picked me up” and like the piper led me to your studio. I am so thankful for that, Bev, I owe you a LOT, my friend.

You are the best dancer I know and an even better human being – you inspire us all every single day with your power and passion. You not only teach us to dance, but you help us reclaim our femininity – you make us proud women and it shows. What a gift!

Thanks again,

Student of Los Gitanos

Group performance 5

Best Show Ever

Hi Bev,

This was your best show ever!!! Bravo!

Audience Member

Remarkable Show in Tsawwassen

Bev, this one is for you by way of a thank you for last night's remarkable Flamenco Show at The Tsawwassen Arts Centre. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.

Everyone else, If you can GO today, GO at 3 pm.

Audience Member

Flamenco – Demanding & Beautiful

Hi Michal and family – Los Gitanos Student,

I met you at the home school fair a few weeks ago. You invited me for your daughter's flamenco performance that takes place this week. I just got home from having enjoyed the exciting and energy-exuding performance. Your daughter performed very well as did everyone else. Flamenco dancing is a demanding discipline but very beautiful when performed. I have known Oscar Nieto from the time he started his Canadian career. Thank you for inviting me. Many happy performances for Jasmine.

Audience Member

Young student performance

Praise from New Flamenco Fans

Hi Bev!


Our friends came from Richmond, White Rock, Delta and North Vancouver. Lots of verbal praise and EVERYONE is definitely coming back for next year's show!!! I have 4 friends that had never seen a flamenco show ever, and they were totally blown away by the show! Sophia's best friend came with her mom, and they both said that they had never seen anything so "awesome" – and her friend does competitive Irish dance!


Student of Los Gitanos

Los Gitanos Should Perform in Vancouver

Hi Bev,

My ticket holders were from mostly Vancouver, but also Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Horseshoe Bay. They loved the artistry the entire show brought. They could not believe one person put this all together. They also said why are we not performing this in Vancouver!!!.

Student of Los Gitanos

Young student performance 2

Go, Go, Go to a Los Gitanos Performance

Bravo, Bev. What an incredibly awesome show you and your cast and musicians put on tonight. Best ever! If you can go tomorrow at 3 pm Sunday and there are tickets, go go go.

Audience Member

The Joy & Inspiration of Dancing with Los Gitanos

Dear Bev,

I truly love the feeling we all experience when we are dancing all as a team, supporting and helping each other with steps, nerves, costumes, etc. There is nothing like it! I really felt this year that we are beginning to understand "duende" and the joy that comes with the singing, palmas, jaleo, music and dancing all working together for what has been the best performance yet!

I can't thank you enough for being so understanding and for being so willing to find a solution. You are such an inspiration to me, and I love dancing with you.

Much love,

Student of Los Gitanos

Female dancer 3

Strong Free Spirits in Tsawwassen

Hi Bev,

My name is Deb D. I have moved out of Tsawwassen recently and now live in Richmond. I attended the dance concert in Tsawwassen, along with Garret portraying the evening in watercolor. I couldn't believe we have something so wonderful available to us in Tsawwassen.

It makes me aware of what a privileged place we live in, to have such easy access to art and beauty. It was inspiring to see so many free spirits in strength on stage. I would like to start taking classes with you, and am grateful for your encouragement and technique in teaching. It is people like you that make a dynamic community, which in turn creates a desirable place to live.


Audience Member

Fantastic Review from a Retired Dancer

Hi Bev,

This is from my friend Beatrice, who came all the way from Deep Cove with a friend who is a retired dancer from Germany and, amongst others, she was a flamenco dancer for 7 years in Europe.

Unfortunately, we communicate in German, and the translation is:

It was wonderful – no wonder you are so excited about it.

Fantastic – best success for tomorrow’s show.



Spanish performer

Unique New Dance Experience

Hi Bev,

We had friends come in from Richmond, Vancouver, White Rock, and they all said, "It's like nothing I have ever seen!!!".

Congratulations on your hard work!!!!

Lots of love,

Student of Los Gitanos

Hooked on Los Gitanos Flamenco Classes

Hi Bev,

I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed Phoenix Flamenco Fire. I am a family friend of Garrett's, and his mom told me about the show. I was excited not only to be there to support Garrett and see his incredible talent live, but also to see the dance performance, especially since it was going to be right here in Tsawwassen. The show surpassed my expectations. It was so incredible that I decided to try your free flamenco class, and I was hooked. Thank you very much for making this such a wonderful experience and for bringing such an incredible production to Tsawwassen. It was worthy of any stage anywhere.


Audience Member

Local Phenomenon & Traditional Flamenco

Hi Bev,

My friends came from Vancouver… I don’t have any emails from friends, but I knew it was a good show when a friend who travels a lot and sees dance performances in Europe, New York, and Toronto said that “the point where she felt the tingles down her spine was the fight scene.” This was special to me because it combined the amazing talents of such diverse artists and made it something that was very traditional Spanish flamenco but also very much a homegrown phenomenon.


Los Gitanos Student

Group performance 6

Original Triumph of Colour, Dance & Music

Dear Beverley,

Paul and I came to the Friday performance of Phoenix, and we loved it so much! I have never seen a performance so full of energy and life; you filled the theatre with life and passion, and it was a fantastic thing to be a part of in the audience: I couldn't keep my hands and feet still! It's so wonderful to see such a range of dancers, from your little girls to your mature ladies, who are all part of our community and who are blossoming under your creative spirit. I also loved the way that the performance combined different artistic genres with the very different types of music and musicians who took part, and also, of course, Garrett the painter with his swirling colours.

You did it again, Bev: a fantastically original triumph, and we loved it! Whatever will you do as a sequel?

Bravo, Beverley!


Audience Member

Group performance 7

Came from Vancouver for Los Gitanos Flamenco

Hi Bev,

We had several guests from Richmond and Vancouver who really enjoyed the show. A few had never been to a flamenco show before and regretted this. A comment from one guest was that her husband would have liked it and that he intends to be there next year. One of my guests came over from Vancouver Island where she was holidaying. She came back for the day just to see the show.

Well done!!!!

Los Gitanos Student

Spanish performer

Fabulous & Enthusiastic Teacher

My flamenco class is my favourite part of my week! I look forward to catching up with my flamenco friends and learning from my fabulous teacher. She is amazingly enthusiastic, and the passion she has for dance is catching!! It's a place where I belong.

Student of Los Gitanos

Dance with Your Soul Showing

I love watching Bev perform AND I get to perform with her every year in our show! I want to learn how to dance with your soul showing - just like Bev!

Student of Los Gitanos

Group performance 8

Freedom and Intensity

The instant that I step out on Beverley’s studio dance floor I feel free. Free from the worries of the world, free from any problems I may be going through in my life. Quite simply, it would be very difficult to think of anything else while dancing Flamenco. The intense footwork seems to stomp out tension, while the ballerina arms with hand curls filter in the positive energy. The head moves, the skirt is grasped, the heart is pushed forward.

Student of Los Gitanos

Ballet competition

Courage and Passion

The music is passionate. I feel as though the experience has improved my character. It touches on courage, contentment, charisma, confidence and passion. It’s what has helped me through many trying times.

Thank you my beautiful Flamenca, Beverley!

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